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Community Shares - Inside The Market Report

The community shares model has been subject to a considerable level of interest in the last few years. This form of finance is now considered a key component of a wider social investment market, which has itself, generated a growing profile.

posted: November 02, 2015
Community Shares Standard Mark - Information Pack

Community shares are a form of investment in co-operative and community benefit societies; businesses that serve their members and their communities.

posted: November 02, 2015
Register an Expression of Interest to join the campaign

Join the growing population of communities and groups today, tender an expression of interest by cli...

posted: November 10, 2014
Community Energy in Nigeria

Get access to our community energy profile... get latest updates on who we are, what we stand for and what we do. Current projects and much more.

posted: November 10, 2014
Road Maps for Power Access in Nigeria

Road Maps for Power Sector reforms in Nigeria compiled by the presidential task force on Power published in August 2013

posted: November 04, 2014

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The abuja green city

The Abuja Green City was planned as part of the Nigeria centenary celebration. It was be modeled after cities such as Dubai, Monaco and Singapore, to serve as a political and economic tool for securing foreign investment.

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